El Crespo

Tranquility That Makes Time Stand Still

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Recommended Length

7-10 Days


January, February, March, October, November, December

Red-legged partridge shooting is a time-honored pursuit which is deeply rooted in Spain. El Crespo provides a truly elite red-legged partridge experience, and the lodge itself breathes the hunting culture through and through. An amazing, unique and unforgettable experience.

Getting to El Crespo is easy as there are numerous daily flights to Madrid where you will be greeted by the staff for a private transfer just over two hours south near the town of Fuenllana. Most international flights into Madrid arrive in the morning allowing for daylight travel to the lodge. The bullet trains allows for fast, extended travel to wonderful cities like Barcelona, Seville, and Granada.

Mother Nature endowed El Crespo’s fields with partridges, and since that time such a wealth in hunting has never been seen on earth. These are the mountains, valleys, lowlands and plains which are home to the red partridge. They are our private hunting reserves. Flushing and hunting the red partridge is unique in the world. Nothing compares to their boldness and agility, their vertical flight. The quality of the hunt at their private hunting reserve is also unique. El Crespo is a respected name.

El Crespo is not only the starting point for unforgettable days of hunting. It is also a function of the team, their eating habits, and of their high level of standards.El Crespo has living rooms and comfortable corners where you can have a relaxing drink or tea by the fire, chatting about your hunting experience. Large windows open to the fields. Everything at El Crespo is a hymn dedicated to the light that floods its large spaces, that decorates every corner. Warmth and harmony in every room, bathrooms adorned with comforting details. Close your bedroom door and immerse yourself in an environment designed especially for your wellbeing.

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