Patagonia Fins & Cordoba Feathers

Beautiful Patagonia Rainbow Trout & High-Volume Cordoba Dove

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Dove, trout

Recommended Length

2.5 Hunting Days + 3 Fishing Days


January, February, March, April

This is an ultimate best-of-both-worlds experience for those who love both wingshooting and trout fishing. During this adventure you’ll enjoy Patagonia’s incomparable trout fishing, as well as Cordoba’s unmatched high-volume dove shooting. This is a bona-fide dream adventure during which the level of your accommodations will be as elevated as your field and stream activities.

Your journey starts with your arrival into Buenos Aires where you will transfer a connecting flight to San Martin de los Andes and a 45-minute drive to San Huberto where you will fish two half days and two full days. After your three days of trout fishing, you will then board the non-stop flight from Bariloche to Cordoba where you will be met and transferred to one of our three deluxe lodges for two and half days of extreme high-volume dove shooting.


Patagonia Fishing
Whether you like wide open areas where the river turns slightly and creates quiet pools, or smaller sections where the water is swifter but the fish are less wary, the Malleo is an angler’s paradise and only steps away from the lodge It tumbles down from its source at nearby Lake Tromen through San Huberto’s property creating excellent dry habitat for trout that will challenge expert anglers with trophy sizes over 20″ and those who just want to catch fish will be given ample opportunities.

Cordoba Dove
Few places in the wingshooting world defy imagination; Cordoba is one of them as the sky is full of eared dove sunup to sundown. You will hunt over fields, passing shots from roosts and from beautifully built blinds. The day is separated by a delicious Asado lunch that is famous in Argentina. Shell counts here number daily in thousands so the timid need not apply!

San Huberto is one of the finest, traditional trout estancias in Patagonia with stunning views of the Lanin Volcano and Malleo River that flows through its 40,000 acres in the foothills of the Andes.

Our three Cordoba lodges, La Portenita, Sierra Verde and Rio Seco have all been upgraded substantially the last two years including spas, fire pits, new décor, bedding and wines. Both destinations feature fantastic cuisine and levels of service that are second to none.

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