Malalcue Lodge

Premier Argentina Mixed Bag Hunting

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Dove, duck, pigeon, perdiz

Recommended Length

5 Shooting Days


May, June, July, August

Malalcue Lodge delivers an incredibly unique mix of hunts and a lodge setting that will take you back to a time when life was less hurried and great hunting was just steps away from your front door. The beauty of Malalcue is you do not lose hunting days by traveling around Argentina searching for each species. There are few places where dove, ducks, perdiz and pigeon can be hunted in the same country, much less while staying at the same lodge. Malacue is perhaps the most charming among the few.

While other mixed bag outfitters use several different lodges all hours apart, Malalcue gives hunters the ability to shoot a wide variety of species out of the same lodge. You can expect to shoot a case of 500 shells per half day on doves, 15-20 boxes on a full-day pigeon shoot, 3-4 boxes per duck hunt, and a couple of boxes on a morning perdiz shoot.

Malalcue Lodge is a special place every adventurous hunter should visit once, and once you experience this special place, you’ll be tempted to return time and again.

Sportsman traveling to the Corrientes Region of Argentina will take an overnight flight from the US landing in Buenos Aires. A Trek representative will meet you and assist your group when arriving then transfer you to the domestic airport for the flight to Santa Fe. A Malalcue representative will meet you in Santa Fe and drive you to the Malalcue Lodge, stopping on the way for an afternoon dove hunt. The following three or four days are full hunting days. On your last day you will shoot in the morning only, and then transfer back to Santa Fe and fly to Buenos Aires connecting with your flight home. Guests may also elect to reserve a private charter; and Trek will be happy to assist with arrangements.

Getting There

The most common way to Malalcue, is on an overnight flight from the United States landing in Buenos Aires the following morning. Once in Argentina, you will have a domestic flight to the city of Santa Fe followed by a comfortable transfer to the Lodge. For those wanting a more direct route to the lodge, a private charter from Buenos Aires can be arranged for an additional cost.

This is an Argentina mixed bag hunting affair, so you’ll do a different type of shooting each day. Wakeup call depends on what species we are shooting, but each day will start with breakfast, then a drive to the field or lagoon. Shooting this time of season is two to three hours in the morning, and about three hours in the afternoon. We return to the lodge during midday for lunch and a rest.

Most shooting is pass or roost shooting this time of year. If the group wants to shoot ducks, we are in the blinds before first light. In the afternoon we’ll generally shoot dove or perdiz. On this trip, we are offering a tremendous variety of shooting activities. In five full days of action, you’ll have four different types of shooting encountering dove, duck, pigeon and perdiz.

You duck and perdiz hunts are generally half-day shoots. Our pigeons are the Argentine blue-grey pigeon. They have wingspans of over 26 inches, larger than a blue-winged teal. They are a sporty bird, and a day of pigeon hunting is something you’ll always remember. Perdiz hunting is very similar to quail hunting. We shoot over pointing dogs, with a limit of eight per day, and it usually takes an hour and a half to limit out. Perdiz season runs from May to the end of August.

With the growing popularity of super lodges around Argentina these days, Malalcue is standing by its charm and culture as many hunters still enjoy the feeling of being at a hunting lodge and not resort. Outfitter Ariel Semenov has made many changes to provide the comforts of these “resorts” without losing the character of Malalcue. The lodge has six deluxe rooms with new bedding, five remodeled bathrooms, a brand-new massage room and spa, along with re-designed porch and foyer to enjoy a cocktail and cigar. Excellent cuisine, impeccable service and instant camaraderie are all the more reason to visit Malalcue Lodge.

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